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Fahrenheit 451 - Updated 05/17/15

Informative Writing

Sea Creature Adaptation Texts - Rough Draft Informative Essay

Australian Animal Adaptation Texts - Due 02/05/15

Macbeth - Updated 02/11/15

Macbeth Cornell Notes Blank 

Macbeth Cornell Notes - Period 5 (Copy in your handwriting do NOT print out!)

Act One Quiz

Act Two Quiz

Act Three Quiz

Act Four Quiz

Act Five Quiz


Intro to Shakespearean Tragedy Notes - 02/05/15 (Honors) & 02/06/15 (Regular)


Collection One Performance Task

Collection One Performance Task - Analysis Essay Due Friday, 11/21/14 (on Canvas)

Analysis Essay Outline

Example Analysis Essay 

Sub Work

Vogel Absent - 10/27/14 (Read article, answer questions, take quiz)

Social Media Coach Article

Social Media Coach Article Questions


Vocabulary Unit 1 - Activities due Thursday, 10/30/14 & Quiz 10/31/14

Vocabulary Unit 2 (Honors) - Activities due Friday, 11/7/14 & Quiz 11/13/14

Vocabulary Unit 2 (Regular) - Activities due Friday, 11/7/14 & Quiz 11/13/14  

"The Lottery" - 10/30/14

First & Seventh Period

Third Period

Fifth Period

Answer questions in the WOW section of your ISN for 10/30/14

ALL periods: Choose question 1, 4, 5, or 6 on pg. 36 & T-BEAR it

American Flag Stands for Tolerance - Updated 10/09/14

One-Pager due Monday, October 13, 2014  - 100 pts.  Assigned 10/10/14

As we read "American Flag Stands for Tolerance" answer the questions as indicated in Slide 2 (Oct. 08, 2014): 



Take Cornell notes on the WOW side of your ISN for Oct. 06, 2014


"What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish?"

Access the text online - See Ms. Vogel for your username & password

Text Questions

First Period

Third Period

Fifth Period

Seventh Period

Literary Analysis

Walt Whitman Sources (for Literary Analysis Essay)

Example Essay with Work Cited (at the bottom of the example - yours should be EXACTLY the same)


Sophomore Supplies 2014-2015


  • Two (2) Composition Books (NO Spiral Bound)
  • Google Account
  • QR Code Reader
  • Writing Utensil(s)