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Macbeth - 12/11/13

 Shakespearean Tragedy Notes - 11/12/13 WOW

Macbeth Anticipation Guide (RAP 11/13/13)

Macbeth Act One Text

Macbeth Act One Questions

Act One Quiz - 11/18/13

Macbeth Act Two Text

Macbeth Act Two Questions - 11/18/13

Macbeth Act Two Quiz

Macbeth Act Three Questions - 12/02/13

Macbeth Act Three Quiz

After Thanksgiving Crossword (RAP) - 12/02/13

Act Four Questions - in Vogelicious's "Head" (see notes from Vogel)

Act Four Quiz

Act Five Questions - 12/09/13

Act Five Quiz 

Final Test Study Guide - READ THE DIRECTIONS!!!!

Class Notes (use ONLY the notes for your class!)

Period One: Macbeth Act One

Period Four: Macbeth Act One, Macbeth Act Two (11/19/13)

Period Five: Macbeth Act One, Macbeth Act Two (11/19/13)

The English Renaissance - 10/28/13

The English Renaissance - take Cornell notes (3 for each heading) as the WOW for 10/28/13 - scanned copy not available

Sonnet Structure & Analysis - 10/30/13

Sonnet Structure & How-To Analyze by Quatrain/Couplet

Sonnet Analysis

Sonnet 29 - In-Class Analysis (WOW 10/30/13)

Pick ONE of the Sonnets Below & Complete an Analysis (WOW 10/30/13) 

Sonnet 130

Sonnet 75

Sonnet 30

Sir Gawain & The Green Knight - 11/05/13

The Wife of Bath's Tale - 10/25/13

"The Wife of Bath's Tale" Vocab 

Read "The Wife of Bath's Tale"

Take the Quiz

The Pardoner's Tale - 10/22/13

Read "The Pardoner's Tale" and answer the questions below in the WOW section for 10/22/13 of your ISN.

"The Pardoner's Tale" Text

"The Pardoner's Tale" Quiz


Chaucer Day Project! - Updated 10/16/13

Chaucer Day Project Assignment & Watch this Now Comment Tutorial

Chaucer Day Presentation Rubric(s) & Example Script for Presentation

What Tale are you Reading/Analyzing/Summarizing?  Old School: See Vogelicious to give her your email address.

What Tale am I? - Click here to find out (password protected see Vogelicious for username/password)!

Alternative Assignment - Chaucer Day Research Paper & Rubric (150 pts.)

Chaucer Day - October 18, 2013


  • Dress up as a Pilgrim on your way to Canterbury (See Slideshow on right for ideas) - 100 pts.
  • Read/Analyze/Summarize one of Chaucer's Tales not read in class (we read: "The Pardoner's Tale" & "The Wife of Bath's Tale") - 50 pts.
  • On Chaucer Day - Tell Your Tale to the Class - 50 pts.


(if you do not wish to WRITE and PRESENT a summary of your tale)

  • On Chaucer Day, Memorize and Recite lines 1-41 of "The Prologue" - 50 pts. (a link to download "The Prologue" is below)


(or if you do not with to dress up, present a tale summary or memorize the prologue)

  • You will RESEARCH and WRITE an MLA formatted research paper (150 pts.)


Links to Modern Day Tellings of Chaucer's Tales:

Chaucer in Translation (Multiple File Types)

The Canterbury Tales

 Update 10/05/13

The Canterbury Tales - 09/30/13

Text of "The Prologue" (Download Link)

"The Prologue" General Questions (download link) - answer these on the WOW for 10/02/13 


The Canterbury Tales Intro. Notes - Download & Print. 

Then, watch the PPT below and fill in the blanks while watching.


iPhone/iPad Users See Below


Page Update 10/05/13

Hero or Villain Essay - 09/24/13

The Iliad - 09/20/13

The Iliad Text

The Iliad Discussion Questions

Updated 09/22/13

Grendel & Beowulf Text/Active Reading Questions - 08/27/13

Anglo-Saxon & Medieval Ages PowerPoint - 08/26/13

Watch the PowerPoint and take Cornell notes on the WOW side of your ISN.

 Apple & Mac Users - View the Presentation below.


The Anglo-Saxon and Medieval ...

First Days of School