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Class of 2013 Road Trip

Road Trip Directions


Helpful Websites

Google Maps


Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Budget Car Rental


Once you have decided what destinations you will visit, go to the websites for each city to find activities and attractions you would enjoy.

Class of 2013 Last Will & Testament

See below for links to examples...

Example #1

Example #2

The Lady of Shalott - 04/04-04/05

Digital Citizenship Lessons

Digital Life 101 Video

College Bound - Abbas's Story Video

Overexposed: Sexting & Relationships

Survey Research

And Then There Were None

Semester Exam

Semester Exam Essay Topics - Choose ONE.  You may bring in notes/outline on exam day.


Macbeth Portfolio - Due December 21


Macbeth Text Online

No Fear Shakespeare Macbeth

Act Two

Act Three

Act Four

Act Five

Macbeth Audiobook (LISTEN to Macbeth!)

Macbeth Audiobook (Another Option!)


Macbeth Questions & Quizzes

Act One Quiz - Monday, November 5

Act One Extension Activity - Due Tuesday, Nov. 13

Act Two Questions - Tuesday, Nov. 6 & Wednesday, Nov. 7

Act Two Quiz - Thursday, November 8

Act Three Quiz - Wednesday, November 14

Act Four Quiz - Friday, November 16

Act Five Questions (Scenes 4-7) - Tuesday, November 28 

Act Five Quiz - Tuesday, November 28


Cornell Notes File

Copy the notes in YOUR handwriting - Do NOT print them out!

Act One, Act Three, Act Four and Act Five, Scenes 1-3


Renaissance Poetry

Hero Project

Hero Project Directions & Example


Due Date - Thursday, 10/18/12

The Iliad

The Canterbury Tales

Name That Pilgrim Quiz

Periods 1 & 4

Want a better score on  your quiz? See directions below!

  •  Reread The Prologue (link(s) below)
  • Take BETTER notes!
  • Come to Vogel's room after school Monday, Oct. 1 - Friday, Oct. 5
  • Re-submit those answers you got wrong
  • You may use your NOTES to re-answer questions
  • Vogel will update your grade IF you correct your incorrect answers

Chaucer Day - Oct. 05, 2012

Beowulf Excerpts

Anglo-Saxon/Medieval Periods & Epic

Homework - Week One Due 8/24

English IV Syllabus & Procedures

Cornell Notes "Refresher"