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Teen Dating Violence

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The Great Gatsby

Gatsby Intro - Mega Notes PowerPoint

The American Dream

America and I - Text & Worksheets

Defining the Grateful Gesture & Model Responses

American Dream Research

American Dream Research Paper Directions

My Definition (Chart) - Don't forget to write your definition of the American Dream in paragraph form AFTER you have completed the chart!

American Dream Research - Songs

Gatsby Day - Friday, May 18

Need Costume Ideas?  Check Out Gatsby Day 2011!


Langston Hughes

The Yellow Wallpaper

03/21/12 - Homework Image


Text of "The Yellow Wallpaper"

Active Reading Notes for 03/21/12

Why I Wrote the Yellow Wallpaper

Today's Extra Credit (3/21/12) - Who is Weir Mitchell?  Why does Gillman mention him in her short story? 

Emily Dickinson's Poetry

Read some of Emily Dickinson's Poems - answer the questions at the bottom of each page AND the questions in blue in the margin!!!

Project Showcase

Stories from when Vogel was absent

2/15/12 - "The Notorious Jumping Frog from Calaveras County" - Read the story and complete the worksheets

"I Hear America Singing"

Animoto Share

The Raven

"The Raven" - Text

"The Raven" - Vocabulary

"The Raven" - Cornell Notes

"The Raven" - Quiz


Semester Exams

A Land Remembered


Persuasive Rhetoric

The Crucible