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The Great Gatsby

Chapter Four Summary


A Land Remembered

"I Hear America Singing"

Catalog Poem Template - Use this to write your final draft!


Example Catalog Poem - By: Vogelicious


Civil Disobedience - Vocab., Text and Quiz (Nov. 15 & 16)

Emerson's "Self-Reliance" & Questions

Thoreau's Walden - Vocab, Text (Dec. 14)

Biology of Joy

Transcendentalism Project

Project Directions (Dec. 21 & Jan. 7-9) Parts One & Two are due by Exam Day (25 points - Second Nine Weeks)!

PicMonkey.com (Tutorial)

PicMonkey.com (Add Text - Tutorial)

Animoto Tutorial

 Learn more about Thoreau's experience at Walden

Declaration of Independence - Week of Nov. 4

Monday, November 4 (PowerPoint/Notes)


Tuesday, November 5 - Monday, November 12

Close reading of the Declaration of Independence with Cornell Notes


Monday, November 12 - Wednesday, November 14

Quiz - Declaration of Independence & Vocabulary

Patrick Henry - Speech in the Virginia Convention

Living Like Weasels

The Crucible


Elements of Drama Weds., 10/17 - Read and take Cornell notes on the Elements of Drama.


Anticipation Guide 


Use the sites below to complete your Historical Parallels Research

Sources - ALL source links in one PPT slide!

 Salem Witch Trials
ALL sources on one slide!

 Written Resources:

Media Resources:

 Red Scare Witch Hunt

Characters: People Involved

Events: Government Action


Resolution: Outcomes

"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"


Choose one of the images from Edwards' Text - "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God" - and create a visual of the quote from the text.  Your visual MUST include the direct quote from the text.


Examples of Past Projects


The Puritan Tradition

Anne Bradstreet - First American Poet!

Monday, Sept. 17 - Read Bradstreet's poem "Upon the Burning of Our House" and translate each stanza into modern day language.

Coyote Tales PowerPoint

The World on the Turtle's Back

Complete a Fishbone Diagram to show Cause-and-Effect relationships in the myth.



Writing Response 8/27/12: Write two sentences in which you describe one or two similarities of the myths from the Iroquois and the Yuchi.

Origins & Encounters/Creation Myths

Homework - Week One Due 8/24

English III Syllabus & Procedures

Cornell Notes "Refresher"