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English II Page Organization!

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The Hunger Games - 11/04/13

The Hunger Games will be read IN CLASS!

If you are absent, you are responsible for catching up.  ALL work associated with the novel will be available on this webpage.

Two Ways to Make Up Work:

  1. Check out the novel from the VBHS Media Center or the Public Library or Purchase the novel from a local bookstore or Amazon.com or for Kindle App
  2. Come after school to read what you missed because of an absence

Chapter Questions & Quiz Dates

Schedule Quiz Make-ups with Vogelicious (before/after school OR during lunch)

Chapter One Quiz - 11/04/13

Chapter Two - 11/06/13

Chapter Three - 11/07/13

Chapter 4 - 11/13/13

Chapter 5 - 11/18/13

FCAT Writes - Second Essay 10/22/13

"There Will Come Soft Rains" - 10/21/13

"There Will Come Soft Rains" Text

"There Will Come Soft Rains" Reading Guide - Theme paragraph will be collected for a grade - due Tuesday, Oct. 22

A Sound of Thunder

How-to Read an FCAT Writes Prompt - 09/19/13

Watch the presentation below and take notes on the WOW side of your ISN for 09/19/13. Be sure to check the Master ISN for EXACTLY how to complete these notes.


Download FCAT Prompt Analysis for ISN.

See Ms. Vogel for 9/19/13's WIO.

 Updated 09/18/13

Dial versus Digital - 09/18/13

Download and print the Dial versus Digital packet.

Update 09/22/13

"Searching for Summer" - 09/11/13

Read the short story "Searching for Summer"

A copy of the text with active reading questions is available in the classroom - See Ms. Vogel for info

Use your marked up copy of the story to complete the assessment (9/17/13).

Updated 09/12/13

"Harrison Bergeron" - 09/03/13

Read the short story "Harrison Bergeron"

Fill in the Harrison Bergeron Cornell Notes

You will need to download and PRINT the HB Cornell notes!

What is Theme? - 08/29/13

Watch the PowerPoint and take Cornell notes on the WOW side of your ISN.

 Watching on an Apple or a Mac?  Use the presentation below.

Short Story Elements & Theme



Theme Worksheet

Elements of Story Review - 08/28/13

First Days of School